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David Walker - Restoring Voting Rights in Iowa

Episode Summary

This weeks podcast features in interview with David Walker of ACLU Iowa & Executive Committee member of NAACP Des Moine Branch. Iowa has now made it legal and easier for people with a criminal past to vote! We learned about the outstanding work David and several other groups have done to give Ex Incarcerated individuals the right to vote in Iowa. We touched on Voting, on serving on juries, and helping people who've committed felonies gave a chance to work by getting rid of the "are you a felon" box on job applications. We talked about the effect of Local Elections on the health and safety of families. Personally, this episode has helped me redefine the course of my life as I've started an organization with a formerly incarcerated individual to become whole free men. Thank you David Walker.

Episode Notes

David S. Walker is the retired, Dwight D. Opperman Distinguished Professor of Law, Emeritus, at Drake Law School, where he twice served as Dean of the Law School, from 1987-1996 and again from 2003-2008. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the ACLU of Iowa and also the Executive Committee of the NAACP Des Moines Branch. With his colleague Russell E. Lovell, II, Walker is Co-Chair of the Legal Redress Committee for the Des Moines Branch as well as the State NAACP in Iowa. He has worked with the NAACP State Conference on many initiatives, including anti-racial and ethnic profiling, fair chance for employment (“Ban the Box”), jury selection and management legislation, and the Governor’s Executive Order Number 7 restoring the right to vote for persons previously convicted of a felony. Walker has co-authored, with Mr. Lovell, five Amicus Curiae Briefs in the Iowa Supreme Court on behalf of the NAACP. The issues in these have included a challenge to the constitutionality of pretextual traffic stops (written in conjunction with counsel for the ACLU of Iowa), the constitutional right to an Impartial Jury drawn from a fair cross section of the community served by the trial court, the authority of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission (which a private corporation claimed had been ousted by an employee’s arbitration agreement), and the validity of “Ban the Box” ordinances passed at the local level. Since 2010 Walker has also been the Chair of the Iowa State Bar Association’s Corporate Laws Committee, and since 1992 he has been appointed by successive Iowa Governors to be one of Iowa’s three Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. He is Chair of the Iowa Commission. On its behalf he has sought introduction of and appeared before Iowa House and Senate Subcommittees on thirty Uniform Acts, or amendments to them, that Iowa has enacted into law.

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